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Tom brings monsters to life the old fashioned way; one frame of film at a time. A supernatural thriller about a teen-aged filmmaker and the demonic creature he unleashes through his hobby of stop-motion animation.

To avoid banishment from the Faerie realm, a mischievous pixy must redeem herself by becoming ‘house-fairy’ to a grieving home, and lift the heart of its youngest daughter, but temptation looms when she develops a crush on a young man, and pursues romance with him by possessing the child's older sister.

Now available as a digital PDF download. A retrospective of the works of prolific model kit sculptor Joe Laudati. Full color photos

detail the stories behind over 200 model kits. created from 1990 to 2014. 307 full color pages and illustrations.

Written in the style of a vintage 1969 movie tie-in, this novelization of the classic sci-fi  / western is a work of fan-fiction that is being offered free-of-charge as a PDF e-book.