A prototype is the master pattern for a product, be it an action figure, night light, Christmas ornament, bobblehead, etc. Once completed and approved by licensing, the original sculpture is sent to a manufacturer, most often in Hong Kong, where it is mass-produced into the toys and gift items you see in your local stores. This constitutes the bulk of my professional work. I've had the good fortune of being hired by a multitude of companies to produce the characters from many exciting licenses, from Disney and Lucasfilm, to Marvel and DC Comics. My experience as a garage-kit sculptor, and special-effects prop-builder taught me to work with great speed and efficiency. As a result, I am often hired to sculpt entire product lines, something rare in the toy industry.

Among the companies I have created products for:


The Art Asylum

Monogram, International

Kurt Adler

Franco Manufacture

Idea Nuova

The Cosrich Group

Toy Biz

Universal Studios Theme Park

The Idea Factory

MADBALLS artwork by Jim Groman