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In his secluded bedroom-studio, young Tom DeFrank builds models of fantastic creatures, and brings them to life through the traditional Hollywood technique of stop-motion animation. In this cinematic 'netherworld', Tom reigns supreme, unlike in the real world, beset with loneliness, peer rivalry, and parental neglect.

But when Tom constructs a new model in the likeness of a demon, he unwittingly creates a subliminal bond with an ancient entity. Now, when he animates, he summons a force that gives vent to his own inner demons. Like a fury, it escapes into the world wreaking the terrible vengeance of the boy's repressed rage.

Only reclusive psychic Stephen Parrish, and his teen daughter Julie know of the evil awakened in their little town. As romance blooms between the boy and girl, Parrish perceives the strange presence within Tom's aura. He sets out to uncover the secret of the demon, and the sinister devil-cult that once terrorized the region.

In the village of Chapinaw, strange events unfold. With each flare of Tom's passion, a strange creature is sent rampaging through the countryside, and it bears an eerie resemblance to his miniature beast! Terror ensues, and suspicious eyes turn on Parrish, accusing him of devilry.

Will he be able to solve the mystery in time? Will Tom learn to control this monster he's unleashed, through his astonishing ability to create or ...destroy?

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