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Reviews for 'Ten Thousand Demons'

(as 'In Darkness It Dwells')

Lesley May 2006 The Eternal Night

"... This is one hell of a creepy story! At first it seems to be a fairly normal tale of a demon trying to break through to our world and using a young man as a conduit, but as the story progresses you discover that there are many more aspects to the tale that add additional texture to the story and result in one of the best and original horror stories I have read in a very

long time. If you think of all the best features of supernatural horror this book has most of them - demonic possession, astral travel, brutal murders, black magic, human sacrifice and just a little bit of teenage lurve to finish it all off!

For a horror story to grip me like this one takes some skill and Joseph Laudati has it in spades. I am looking forward to reading his next book to see if he can maintain the same high standard."

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