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'Garage kits' are amateur resin model kits produced by a small company for the collectible model kit scene. A prototype is sculpted in wax or Super-Sculpey, which is then cut up, molded and hand cast in resin plastic. These duplicate castings, or 'resin kits' are produced in small numbers, (often just a dozen or more) and purchased by collectors who then assemble and paint them. It began as a hobby in Japan, but spread to become a worldwide phenomenon, luring many comic book and film fans.

My first 'kit' sculpture was produced in 1991 for maverick garage kit pioneer Mike Fosella, and his entrepreneurial company 'Resin from the Grave'. It was a dynamic scene from the motion picture Mighty Joe Young, featuring the giant gorilla fighting a pair of lions. Following the success of that piece was my signature kit 'Kong vs. the T-Rex.'

Soon after, I was working for Scott Kelley of 'Alternative Images' and Dan Fay with 'Screamin' Products'. More kits would follow for companies like 'Monsters in Motion', 'Men in Black', 'X-O Facto', 'Soldat', and too many others to name.

These assignments helped to hone my skills as an artist, and achieve professional status as a sculptor. Castings of my 'kits' often turn up for sale on Ebay, .

My work has been featured prominently in the magazines Kitbuilders, and Amazing Figure Modeler, and can be read about in my book 'Pushing Clay: 24 Years of Garage Kit Sculpture' available under 'Novels and Books'.

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