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Ten Thousand Demons is my first work of fiction, a supernatural thriller initially published in 2006 by Medallion Press under the title In Darkness It Dwells. It is now reissued under its original title.

           Tom DeFrank is a young filmmaker who builds puppets of fantastic Ray Harryhausen-style creatures, and brings them to life through stop-motion animation. After stumbling onto the site of a cult ritual, he constructs a new puppet in the likeness of a winged monster, unwittingly creating a subliminal bond with an ancient entity. Now, when he animates the ‘demon’ puppet, a creature resembling his miniature beast escapes into the world, wreaking the terrible vengeance of his repressed passions. 
            Only disgraced psychic Stephen Parrish and his daughter Julie know of the evil awakened in their little town. As romance blooms between the teens, Parrish pursues the demon's connection with a murderous devil cult that once struck terror throughout the region. But can he solve the mystery in time, before people get killed, and the frightened townsfolk direct their misguided suspicions on him? Will Julie's love enable Tom to contain his rampaging monster, conjured by his uncanny ability to create, and destroy?

Available as a trade-paperback and Kindle edition at:


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